Tuesday 22 June 2010

Windows painted on the outside...

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News: 22nd of June: We got painted on the outside all the other half of the windows of the building, as part of De Key's regular maintenance works on the building probably.

It's not that fair for me as a tenant (whose contract shall end in less than a month) to offer support to these maintenance works of De Key:
  1. I had to clean my room on the inside once the work was finished and
  2. I had to suffer disturbance due to the noise and smell of the paint.
Will I get a discount for that? No.
Does De Key get free cleaning work for that? Obviously.
Not fair: I lose. I must admit they're smart doing it this way...

The fair solution?
De Key should have done these works during the free period of the building, i.e. 16th of July - 15th of August, but that would have meant to pay themselves for the cleaning, wouldn't it? So, why do that when they can get it for free? :)

Note: I said correctly on the outside, because they will inform us when the windows shall be painted on the inside too in the near future...

So, how was my day?
After my windows got painted on the outside, the smell of the fresh paint kicked me out of the room, so I continued my Amsterdam's-famous-churches visit.
When I got back... it was time to do the cleaning...

I'm looking forward for another (and bigger) round of cleaning when the windows shall get painted on the inside...


23rd of June: 2nd round of paining on the outside. Well, at least the workers do a great job. The downside is it's disturbing the tenants, i.e. the students.

24th of June: some sort of a final check and further adjustments to the outside window painting works done for the side I live in. I had to leave the stress after they checked the windows of my room and decided to visit Permuseum.

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