Thursday 24 June 2010

ARCAM - Amsterdam Centre for Architecture

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Day 1: 11th of June
Day 2: 18th of june

ARCAM - Amsterdam Centre for Architecture
Admission: Free for everyone.
There is no need for any lockers.
Pictures are allowed, of course.

My opinion on ARCAM - Amsterdam Centre for Architecture

In Day 1 I visited the 1st floor; in Day 2 - ground floor.

Although a small building, it's pretty interesting if you're passionate about buildings and/or architecture. Don't expect to get info about every inch of Amsterdam, but rather expect to be surprised and find out some new info about unexpected buildings/sites, e.g. I've learned:
  • how trees are placed in Rembrandpark (which is quite close to me) - there's a logic behind this that I've never seen and yet I do not fully understand
  • various placements of trees in order to reach some design goals
  • new projects of neighborhoods aiming to empower and connect the local community - cool idea!
Oh, and I got a free flier with the Eastern Docklands - the map and main points of interest. (Ok, ok, I know there are plenty of maps displayed all over that place and I took plenty of pictures of those maps, but now... I also have an official flier!)

At the ground floor there's a huge continuous image (made of 13 posters; each poster spans ~1m by ~2m) describing Amsterdam's growth since 800 A.D. up to present day - for each time period, there are shown: city map, population, architectural styles and buildings built, infrastructure works etc. That image is really awesome to look at, read and understand since it says quite a lot.

View Netherlands (by Liviu) in a larger map


Great place for a person (like me) passionate about architecture and/or buildings, willing to discover something new and cool about Amsterdam.

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