Sunday 20 June 2010

Diamond Museum & Coster Diamonds B.V. (Amsterdam)

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13th of June: cloudy, dark, a bit of sun.

Diamond Museum Amsterdam (nl: Diamant Museum Amsterdam)
Admission: free for Museumkaart holders. Feel free to check the detailed price list.
There are lockers at the entrance - see the room called wardrobe.
Pictures are allowed, of course.

My opinion on Diamond Museum Amsterdam

It's a nice museum.
The staff is very friendly.

Quite a lot of details on diamonds, which one shall find interesting.

:( Most diamonds are replicas. There are hardly any real diamonds in there. Can you imagine how cool it would have been to have exhibits so expensive that every thief would want to target this museum? Oh, well, the only real diamonds are some tiny ones, as far as I remember...

It's fascinating to take the little test on guessing the only true/real diamond out of a set of 8 diamonds, the rest being fake/artificial ones.

Also, looking at the smallest polished (with 58 facets if I remember correctly) diamond in the world is fascinating - you need a microscope for it...

The visit at Coster Diamonds B.V. (Paulus Potterstraat 2), for a live demonstration of diamond polishing and visiting showrooms of real (and quite expensive) diamonds for sale it's also somewhat captivating, although the polishers and the other people do not simulate very well any desire of doing actual diamond related work :)
The brokers seem convincing though... since they actually sell diamonds there and some people actually buy them :D I suspect the negotiations & transactions room is over heated on purpose just to make the buyer's pulse go even higher than usual - nice trick if you ask me!

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It's a nice museum. It's worth visiting once you have been to the museums which I consider extremely interesting.

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