Saturday 20 March 2010

Museumkaart: the cheapest way to visit a lot of museums in the Neherlands

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The Museumkaart [official site; details on with respect to covered museums in Amsterdam] is the one very cool and very cheap way of visiting most major museums in the Netherlands. Basically, one pays the card and gets 1 year of free access to all museums the card covers. Given the list of covered museums is extensive and cool, therefore the card is cool.

Price: 35 EUR
Plus an extra 4.95 EUR first time administration fee - whatever...
So, a total of 40 EUR for me.

Roadmap for getting the card:
  1. I filled in the form (available only in Dutch of course) on the Museumkaart official site: name, address, birth date, account number etc. - the usual data they require in the Netherlands - thank you Google Translate for the help, once again!
  2. The Stichting Musemkaart (en: Museum card Foundation) sent an invoice (having my bank account number on it) to my address.
  3. I signed the invoice, put it in an ING envelope and then in a TNT post box.
  4. The payment got confirmed.
  5. The Stichting Musemkaart (en: Museum card Foundation) issued the card and sent it to me by mail - starting 11th of March I am the proud owner of one such card.

Anyway, I say it's worth the money and I recommend you get one, should you want to visit many museums for little money here in the Netherlands.

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  1. If you are interested in wich musea accept the museum card then have a look at: and get a clean list by clicking on the 'Ja' under MJKaart.