Friday 18 June 2010

Exploring a part of North Amsterdam

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After having visited Van Loon Museum, I spent some time exploring a bit of North Amsterdam:

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Ferry Houthaven - Amsterdam Distelweg: The coolest ferry ever! So small, and cute! And very few people! I suppose one has to have some local skills, since both ends are not quite accessible to ordinary tourists ;) (ok-ok, I couldn't stop bragging a bit.)

The Distelweg industrial area: Classic industrial area, nothing to see except if you like factory buildings.

That bridge part of Distelweg, over some canal: under repairs for now. Oh well, I've seen it some long time ago when I first crossed the Ij river from Central Station to Buiksloterweg.

The area bordered by Distelweg, Distelkade and Ranonkelkade: Nice area, but there's nothing special except the very narrow paths between the groups of houses - it's like each group of houses shares one huge common garden.


There's nothing special about this specific area of North Amsterdam.

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