Thursday 10 June 2010

Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam (Dutch Resistance Museum)

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29th of May: a bit sunny in the afternoon, cloudy, windy, rainy in the afternoon/evening.

Verzetsmuseum Amsterdam (en: Dutch Resistance Museum)
Admission: free for Museumkaart holders. Feel free to check the detailed price list.
Of course, there are lockers at the entrance.
Pictures are allowed, but no flash.

My opinion

Quite a small museum overall, but nice. It is worth visiting. Very friendly staff also.

I find it funny for such a great colonial power that Netherlands has been to make a resistance museum. Resistance?! That sounds so weird for such a proactive nation.

There's a mention that roughly says the following: the Germans bombed Rotterdam, then threatened to bomb other cities as well, and The Netherlands surrendered 5 days after the war has started. So, let's rephrase: Germany bombed so well only 1 city that the whole Dutch army noticed it has become useless.
However, they admit at one point that the Dutch army hasn't been modernized properly since the beginning of the century. That's even more weird for The Netherlands!

I recommend you visit this museum after having visited Reijksmuseum and Tropenmuseum. Depending on your sense of humor, you might smile at times and say to yourself: Oh come on, guys, what happened to you? When did you get tired?

Note: Regarding WW2, Germany really scared everyone by conquering so fast The Netherlands, France (including the mighty Paris), Poland etc. Blitzkrieg ruled!

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I recommend visiting Verzetsmuseum. It is worth the time & money. I also recommend you visit this museum after having visited Reijksmuseum and Tropenmuseum.

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