Tuesday 15 June 2010

Schapenburgerpad - awesome alley/path in the middle of Amsterdam, just South of Vondel Park

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During a reconnaissance (it sounds so military-like, indeed) walk around Vondelpark on 9th of June, I encountered some kind of alley/path (just South of Vondel Park) that begged for some exploring - the name: Schapenburgerpad.

Schapenburgerpad: awesome alley/path, it's like going in the wild in the middle of the city. There's no pavement, just some kind of mud and sand and some stones, it's narrow, there's almost nobody going in or out, full of vegetation etc. Basically, it's one of those back&dark alleys, designed only for locals' access.

Curios what Schapenburgerpad means? Check out Google Translate.
Ok, it roughly stands for Sheep civilian path.

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