Wednesday 9 June 2010

I voted AGAIN

[Post published by Liviu on Liviu's [in Netherlands] Blog]

Do you remember when I voted the first time?

Well, now it's the second time :)
If interested, feel free to check the website for these elections (in Dutch).

However, there were 2 elections held at the same time.
  • Good news: I voted in the election regarding building a parking garage under the Singel canal, near Marnixbad. (I wish they would build some of these in Bucharest, too.)
  • Bad news: I was not allowed to vote in the election for the House or council or whatever, 'cause I don't understand very well what that was all about from Google Translation.

Side note 1: On 4th of June, I have also received a flier/advertisement in my inbox from VVD [wikipedia; official site] - Mark Rutte on the first page, of course, as all politics fliers display their party leader on the first page.
Hey, have these people understood that I am a regular voter (wherever I am living) and started courting me? ;) mmm, no. Actually most inboxes had such a flier inside. Hey, I'm a regular voter therefore I demand more attention! :))
First I confused VVD with PVV [wikipedia]. Remember that Geert Wilders (the leader of PVV, who wants to kick Romania & Bulgaria out of the EU among others) and also resembles Corneliu Vadim Tudor? My bad for the confusion.

Side note 2: now I'm part of the West District/Neighborhood, which has been reconfigured some months ago, in order to include some small neighborhoods like Kolenkit, Bos en Lommer, WesterPark etc.

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