Tuesday 2 February 2010

VU mail

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This post presents the 3 e-mail services we've had (until now) here at the FEW of VU.

First, there was Horde, with its hard to use interface. It took me a few weeks to get used with it.

Second, there was roundcube, with a better looking interface, but still feeling like Horde: I've always though of it as Horde's face lift.

Third, now we have Outlook Web App, which finally looks shiny and gives one that stupid-proof feeling when using the interface. I like it. However, there was a problem at first: the interface appeared in Dutch only and I could not manage to change it, due to some sort of a bug; I read and searched all the manuals at Digidesk, then searched Outlook's help, but still couldn't solve it since some options in the menu were stubborn enough not to appear/show when clicking on them although the help clearly said they should appear; in the end I decided mailing UCIT Servicedesk which provided me the solution: I had to login using the light version, then do the tricks I have already read about but did not work in the full/standard version. This so much reminded of Windows' sometimes log-in-Safe-Mode behavior :)
I must emphasize VU's perfect organization in switching to Outlook: (1) a few weeks before the switch we received a couple of e-mails announcing the switch and also a letter by regular mail, and (2) the UCIT Servicedesk dealing with any IT problems related to the VU.

As a side note, the spam filter has worked quite bad overall. Indeed, I might have gotten used to GMails' spam filter which works perfectly and my standards are sky high now.

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  1. You could try with Internet Explorer :)

    I believe somebody once noticed in our University that the UI is different in IE compared with Firefox (this was in Live Mail). E-mail redirection could only be activated from Internet Explorer (as far as I remember - things might have changed lately).