Sunday 21 February 2010

INNA (Romanian singer) - in the Dutch mainstream... Cool, music on!

[Post published by Liviu on Liviu's [in Netherlands] Blog]

When I went to the TNT Post Office this week I heard a song on the radio in the PO that the guy at the desk was really enjoying, i.e. singing a bit and looking a bit distracted; a couple of days before he was acting perfectly normal, so I suspected he either liked the song or had another reason to be happy.
I thought to myself: Indeed, another catchy song. Come on, man, focus, weight the envelope, put the stamps on it. Chop, chop, time is money!

After I exited the PO I realized I heard the song before and felt a bit familiar: the voice, the lyrics... - I knew I heard/watched something like that on YouTube...

This week-end I heard the same song in front of my student house - when people arrive and open the doors from their cars one can hear the radio playing inside. Well, it was the same song...

So, I googled the lyrics. Want to know the outcome?
OK, it's obvious due to the title: it was Inna, a Romanian singer, who has launched pretty recently...

Inna's YouTube channel.
Inna's official site.

The song I've heard on the radio and on cars' radios: Inna - Hot.

Funny enough, the Dutch Top 40 (Wikipedia description) contains Inna feat. Bob Taylor - Deja Vu on the 9th place. Awesome! Note that when clicking the download button, one has the options of downloading the 2 songs I've indexed so far.

Conclusion: Great job! Keep it going, Inna!


  1. Hmm... it's interesting to notice that highly familiar music is actually backed by Romanian vocals/DJs. Well, its "familiar" taking into account that the only "entertainment" in the car is actually a radio and during exercising only this type of music is played. Good find, Liv!

    On a side note, Bob Taylor is also Romanian (English translation) :)

  2. Bob Taylor is Fizz? :)) Life is so funny.
    I must admit he did a nice trick with this return.
    Cool guy Fizz.... ah, I mean Bob Taylor! :)