Wednesday 17 February 2010

TNT in Netherlands: How to find the closest post office to one's home

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One needs to find and go to a TNT Post Office or TNT box etc., e.g. (1) the closest one to his/her home, or (2) a Post Office offering specific / complete services etc.
How does one find such a location?


After landing on:
  1. The Dutch TNT site
  2. The English abridged (i.e Client Service section) version
  3. The international TNT site
I returned to the Dutch site and using my (not so) extensive Dutch knowledge I finally landed on the page which displays all the TNT services centered to one's post code. Just enter the post code and click search, i.e. Zeok for non-Dutch speakers.
Or one can use the next page, which allows to select both post code / city and the desired type of service. Indeed, it's only in Dutch and that may pose problems.

The most advanced / useful solution I can provide, after hacking some parameters in the address bar, is this page displaying the interface in part in English, with the same options of selecting both post code / city and the desired type of service.

Side note: Regarding the English version of the site, I'd like TNT's slogan to become: Sure we can have the whole website in English!

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