Monday 22 February 2010

Fire regulations, escape plan ad so on.

[Post published by Liviu on Liviu's [in Netherlands] Blog]

On Feb 19th, during a 2 hours time interval, I've received 5 (yes, five) e-mails from De Key regarding fire regulations.

The first mail explained all fire causes and the fire regulations, gave advice on how to prevent fire and what to do in case of fire and so on. It also mentioned printing the escape plan - so the e-mail should have had an... attachment, which was not attached.

So, the second mail arrived with the sole purpose of delivering the attachment. Bad luck, no attachment attached.

So, the 3rd and 4th e-mails arrived: same text as the first one, but different subjects and no attachment.

Finally, the 5th mail got it right.

Then  I looked at the escape plan and realized they got one thing wrong there: Windows appear opening to the inside of the room, but they actually open towards the outside.
Indeed, I look too much at details, but hey! What can I do? I can't stop looking and debugging and pointing out the faults. It's not my problem - it's the victory of the system that educated me until now and the system that continues the work!

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