Tuesday 18 May 2010

Eastern Docklands: de Rietlanden neighborhood

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After having visited Tropen Museum, in the 3rd day I ended up exploring Eastern Docklands, de Rietlanden neighborhood.

Nice area: nice combination of modern architecture while preserving & transforming some of the old docklands.

There's a very cool tram station at the intersection of Piet Heinkade and Fred Petterbaan. It's something like a huge hole 7 m below ground with no roof.
Here you can also see a very cool and big work of art called For The Bees by Frank Mandersloot - this one is at ground level :) ok, not quite: the first table starts from the station below ground level, but the rest of 4 tables are above ground level - oh, yeah, and the 5th table is For the Bees, so you now know where the name comes from. Crazy artists!

Other than that, the whole area has a lot of nice modern architecture. It's worth taking a look.

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De Rietlanden neighborhood (part of the Eastern Docklands) deserves a visit if you're passionate about buildings.

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