Sunday 23 May 2010

Eastern Docklands: Abatoir en veemarktterrein en Entrepot-West

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22nd of May:
Very sunny and hot day, unusually hot and sunny. I think Amsterdam has consumed the whole sun quota for the next 3-4 weeks! :)
Good thing the wind was blowing from now and then, since there was such a strong sun! (Yeah, technically I'm joking about the sun, but given the usual Amsterdam weather my statement is also true.)

My main target was Persmuseum, which, strangely enough, was closed.

Anyway, given the situation I moved to the next task on the agenda:

Exploring Eastern Docklands: Abatoir en veemarktterrein en Entrepot-West Neighborhood

Nice neighborhood.

Very nice building over Entrepotbrug: long, like a line with many curves (maybe it resembles a wave?).
I feel so bad :p there was no way to invade the inhabitants' privacy by walking on the continuous corridor/hallway/balcony they have at the first floor (east side), since it also acts as entrance to their apartments or gateway to the stairs that lead to upper floors.

Nice apartments building between Zeeburgerkade and Cruquisweg: might have been an old harbor/docklands auxiliary building which the city has refurbished. You definitely need to go around the building to see it from all sides.

Really cool dock North of Zeeburgerkade, for people to anchor their boats/ships - some people have quite nice ships, yes; they're definitely not boats :D.
What's cool about it is there's no way to reach land unless you have a smaller boat or something to get you across the canal :)

Hoop, Liefde en Fortuin
(en: Hope, Love and Fortune): Very cool building: starting from the west side it continuously gets higher and higher towards the east side, resembling a ship.

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Abatoir en veemarktterrein en Entrepot-West (in Eastern Docklands) is a nice area worth visiting.

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