Thursday 13 May 2010

Bijbels Museum (Amsterdam) - en: Biblical Museum

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Bijbels Museum (en: Biblical Museum)

Admission: Museumkaart + 2.5 EUR due to the From Jerusalem With Love exhibition. Feel free to check the detailed price list.
Pictures are allowed, of course, but no flash.
There are lockers at the entrance, of course.

My opinion on the Bible Museum

Nothing very interesting overall. There are just a few things worth mentioning:

The replica of the Tabernacle: proabably enthusiasts will find it cooler than I did.

Quite an interesting connection I made when learning about the Tabernacle:
At one point it says the high priest used to wear on top of his shirt, on his chest, a cloth with pieces of glass of different colors, each piece representing a Jewish tribe.
How many tribes therefore such pieces of different colors do you think were? 12.
Now, how many Apostles did Jesus have? :) 12. Hmm, strange coincidence if you ask me.

The 2 Aroma Cabinets:
Well, smelling all those 3 types of fragrances - biblical & everyday & exalted, to quote from the description - was quite an unique experience. That was really the coolest experience/thing in this museum.

From Jerusalem With Love exhibition

Kind of a crappy exhibition. I didn't see its point.
Those extra 2.5 euro that I have paid really were not worth.

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I recommend you make a different choice. There are better options than Bijbels Museum. Only go either if you are extremely curious on smelling those fragrances, or want to amaze your friends due to having visited a museum with such an impressive name.

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