Saturday 19 December 2009

Cleaning done on a large scale in a small room

[Post published by Liviu on Liviu's [in Netherlands] Blog]

Since (1) my flight back to continental Romania is only a few days away, (2) Christmas is getting closer every passing day and (3) I finished my exam(s) session (although one homework still waits for me to start solving it - yeah, keep waiting, I'm not in the mood now!), I decided it was time to clean both my room and the facilities, i.e. toilet, I share with my apartment mate.

I'm proud of what I accomplished today:
  1. Vacuum cleaning: this way I removed all the dust from the floor. We have a quite decent vacuum cleaner shared between the 3rd and 4th floor of the building (only at these floors students live).
  2. Cleaning the floor with the help of universal detergent and a very useful mop that I bought in September (if I remember right).
  3. Cleaning the toilet (shared facility): I was so determined to clean everything that I rushed in that common facility too. - In a funny way, I finished cleaning it at about the same time a scheduled post on my computer science blog got posted :D Isn't technology cool or what?
There was no need to clean the other shared facility, i.e. the shower, which was good news since the first 3 tasks kind of got me tired.

Everything's clean now - nice and shiny.

Yeah, Christmas on!
Looking forward to it!


  1. "continental Romania"? Where's that? Or... are you officially saying that there is more than one Romania?

  2. Major states have a continental side and some other possesions/teritories, as a sign of their past and/or current greatness.

    So, if we want to think big, we need to think scalable :D so I propose calling "continental Romania" the current Romania. I'm calling it this way for some time now, but I don't think I ever did it in public on such a large scale, i.e. in a blog.

    Take the example of Snake Island. That could be some day port of those auxiliary territories I mentioned.

    To conclude: thinking of current Romania as "continental Romania" is part of changing the mentalities of the nation. I simply love the term.

  3. Note: my Snakes Island example should be treated just as an example, not as a territory claim.