Thursday 29 April 2010

Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis

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Museum Geelvinck Hinlopen Huis
I visited it on 23rd of April. I learned about it when I visited Amsterdam's Historical Museum.

Admission: free for Museumkaart holders. Feel free to check the detailed price list. (Please note that they say on Tuesdays and Thursdays it's closed.)


The entrance, i.e. the address, is through the former Coach House. Besides paying the ticket and leaving the unnecessary clothes here, one can see a few things only.
Also, one shall also receive a 1 page, A4 format, with text on both sides, description of the whole museum. They have it in several languages. I used the English version since they did not have it in Romanian.

The garden: very nice, very peaceful and quiet. The neighbors have very nice gardens also - take a sneak peak by looking over the fence - go ahead, they won't mind!
Tip form Liviu: The guide said that the greatest tree one can see there (which is in the Eastern neighbor's garden) makes beautiful red flowers in the summer.

In the main building, which is reached through the garden, one can visit several rooms at the ground floor: The Library, Red Room, Blue Room, Chinese Room. Very nice, very well refurbished. - The guide was very helpful and tried to explain me everything.
It's worth noting that on the right side (as one can see from the garden) there only are 2 floors, while on the left side there are 3 floors. This is because rooms are higher on the right side - they were used for work or something, while on the left side they were used for living.
One can only visit the ground floor because the owners of the house live on the upper floors.

Bonus: A short visit in the neighborhood

The area between Frederiksplein, Falckstraat, Reguliersgracht, Prinsengracht and Amsel is very crowded with tourists, due to many bars / pubs / restaurants etc. It's not worth visiting since there is nothing special about the buildings.

Frederieksplein is a nice and quiet square, with a small playground for children, many green trees etc. and tram lines and bike paths intersecting.

The area south of Achtergracht is nice and quiet. Maarten Jansz Kosterstraat looks very intimate, I recommend you visit it.

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I recommend you visit Museum Geelvinck HInlopen Huis. You'll enjoy both the house and the garden.

Also Frederieksplein and Maarten Jansz Kosterstraat might deserve a short visit should you have the time and/or the passion.

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